Fore Jounx

The Jounx series exploits a singular anomaly in granular synthesis. New tools for 'waveset distortion' (T. Wishart) are implemented to create irregular, jerking polyrhythmic patterns. The original intent was to examine under-utilized avant-garde computer music techniques, with the goal being the common syntax of decentralized and scattered particles of sonic material. What results instead is a fractured patchwork of tensed, interlocking patterns that are all the more compelling because they emerge from a single, lyrical sound source.



1. jounx77+77   /    08:00

2. jounx2.19   /    04:50

3. u+u   /    04:30

4. spec468   /    05:29

5. Ripple Type 22h05m13s   /    06:26

6. Ripple Type 21h39m16s   /    07:02