(Release 2011, Avant Archive
Artwork: Laura Brothers)



”Bret Schneider has created a world of chaos from the helm of his digital workstation. Model of a Garden Scene With Watering Can is on the surface a simple exploration into abstract sound by way of (and perhaps limited by) his digital means, though Schneider brings into this sound collage many sources of sound. The root of this dense structure is still quite simple: play. About his creative process, Schneider says, "I tried to make a situation where the music is like the inverse space of the known world. . .in a sense it is me making all the wrong decisions, going against my intuition, being the negative space of intuition." If you're not interested in process or philosophy, perhaps you'll at least be turned on by the ear-tickling sonic concoction that is the manifestation of Schneider's approach to creative sound. If there is anything left of your brain by the time you're through listening, you'll certainly receive a gracious 'thank you' from your ears.”

— Avant Archive


Model... is a work of algorithmic computer music that programmatically harvested samples from online, and were then procedurally composed through a self-designed software system. Stylistically, it is influenced by Kino-Eye film, aiming for a comprehensive viewpoint of the present, albeit from the perception of the ear instead of the eye. An alternative title might be 'Kino-Ear'!